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Ecoflex van Mohawk


Ecoflex van Mohawk

EcoFlex™ ICT is a premium vinyl modular backing system containing a minimum of 35% recycled content. With over 20 years in the marketplace, its ultra dense construction is engineered to offer superior performance while giving greater cushioning properties.


  • Unsurpassed dimensional stability –
  • no growing or shrinking 
  • Constructed with an ultra dense five layer cushion backing system 
  • Main body of tile provides an effective moisture barrier (not applicable at the seams).
  • Tiles are impervious to moisture damage from spills and water extraction cleaning.
  • Construction features superior tuft bind that is highly resistant to edge ravel. 
  • Proven performance for over 15 years


  • EcoFlex ICT contains 35% minimum pre consumer recycled content by total weight*.
  • Recyclable through Mohawk’s ReCover program
  • EcoFlex ICT may contribute to or comply with LEED® credits MR 4.0, IEQ 4.3 and Innovation credit for NSF 140. 
  • Recyclable through Mohawk’s ReCover program
  • Meets USGBC LEED® criteria for recycledcontent and rapidly renewable material
  • CRI Green Label Plus certifed



  • Unsurpassed dimensional stability –no growing or shrinking
  • Superior appearance retention – noedge ravel, zippering or delamination,high tuft bind
  • Advanced Thermoset polyurethanecompound gives long term strengthand stability
  • Moisture barrier meets therequirements of the “British Spill and10,000 Impact Penetration” Test (not atseams)

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